Solder Paste Coating Package

The application market of smart phones and related wearable devices continues to increase in temperature and the hardware specifications are required to improve, which makes the market demand for MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) components higher and higher and must be smaller.
In turn, it drives the technical requirements of MEMS fluid packaging miniaturization packaging. Among them, the encapsulated fluid control technology has entered the nl or even pl level. These technologies require a new generation of hardware and software control systems to achieve fluid line widths within 100um. The packaging process solutions we provide include flip-chip underfill applications, electronic component sealing, and coating of conductive adhesives such as silver glue/solder paste. Stream Jet combines non-contact and contact technology, and through SSI's independent high-level motion control system and advanced coating image software technology, it can accurately coat fluid line widths smaller than 100um and minimum 30um under small wafer gaps. Corresponding to all fluid viscosity coefficients 0.1cps~1,000,000cps in the required advanced packaging process.

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